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On to Singapore

On to Singapore

"It’s been a great tour so far. Tokyo was an especially unbelievable place. The people there were so eager to assist and serve. Purchasing a small gift for my wife at a department store, the salesperson gave me the feeling it was her greatest pleasure in life to help me.

The flight to Singapore was much more comfortable than I ever expected a 7 hour flight could be – I’m sure the brand new Airbus A380 (think gigantic flying double-decker bus) had a lot to do with that. Unfortunately, as soon as I landed I began having some mild dizziness. Practicing later in the hotel room (with a practice mute – a fixture for us brass players on tour), it felt as if the hotel was experiencing a small earthquake for the entire 90 minutes. A good night’s sleep and a good breakfast the next morning seem to have done the trick in steadying things. I’ll probably take it pretty easy nonetheless.

The hardest part of touring is definitely being away. Now that we’ve been gone about a week and a half, the homesickness for my wife and 10 month old daughter is starting to be difficult to deal with. Eye on the prize, though – I’m sure we’ll pull it together and have great concerts for the remainder of the tour."