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Back to My Old Stomping Ground

Back to My Old Stomping Ground

I have been looking forward particularly to this leg of the tour, a chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues who I met during my six years in New York (three attending Juilliard, three living and working in Manhattan). Two of them now live in Philadelphia, and this morning I visited with them and their four year-old daughter who was born six days after my own four year-old daughter.

My plans for NY include lots of time with old friends and visiting my favorite spots--hopefully in three days I will have receipts from H&H Bagels, Zabars, Gray's Papaya, Empire Szechuan (the good one on 72nd, not the mediocre one on Columbus), Popover Cafe, the Museum of Modern Art, and many coffee spots where the natives like to hang out. After I re-learn my jaywalking skills, I'll be ready to go.

Today was an excellent tour day--incident-free travel, a nice hotel, and a great concert at Lincoln Center. We are all looking forward to two more exciting days in The City.