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Chicago Synchronicity

Chicago Synchronicity

We flew into Chicago from Phoenix today. Concert last night went well; the audience was very enthusiastic and vocal...almost rowdy! Symphony Hall in Phoenix is right down the street from Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks. Fans were arriving for a game as we were coming to the hall for the concert. I remarked to a friend how funny it would be if the Dodgers were in town the same night the Phil is next door playing a concert. Turns out that the Dodgers were in fact there! What are the chances?

I feel very sentimental coming to Chicago and playing in this hall. It's my hometown and I grew up hearing the CSO, and playing on this stage. It's always great to be back.

On the agenda tomorrow: early morning run along the lakefront; time with family and friends; concert; Uno's for post-concert pizza.