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Great Grandma Morgie (or First Day in DC)

Great Grandma Morgie (or First Day in DC)

It was drizzling this morning, but the rain didn't stop us from our plan. I also came to DC one day ahead of our "big troupe" and met up with my family who flew in from LA last night. We headed to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural & History.

Have you ever wondered what the first mammal was? I discovered we have a 210 million years old ancestor. Judging from today's rodents, it looks like a type of mouse and its name is Morganucodon. About four inches long, the mammal was nicknamed "Great Grandma Morgie" by the Museum of Natural History.

It's always exciting for us to perform at the Kennedy Center. After a short acoustic rehearsal to get us used to the hall, the concert started at eight o'clock. The place was jam packed and the crowd kept cheering endlessly after the performance. Light in the hall came on after one encore, signaling us to leave the stage.....