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Oh, the joys(?) of tour travel.

Oh, the joys(?) of tour travel.

Every member of the orchestra has been getting ready for tour in their own way. Suffice it to say, I am a bit too organized for my own good and have been getting ready for this tour for weeks. Sunday is spent with packing and seeing to last minute "to do" lists; among them, planting our front yard border with succulents before the heat of summer sets in.

I am pleased that I have managed to pack only 7 pairs of shoes. My bag weighs 45 lbs. I am good to go.

The bus departs WDCH at 8:30 to LAX. We have those of our management team traveling with us, our "shepherds", to make sure we travel safely and securely together We all survive check in and security to find our flight to SFO is delayed ultimately by two hours. So, what does an orchestra on tour do waiting for a flight? Pretty much what anybody else does in this predicament. We sleep, we eat, we read, we chat, we check on emails.

We finally arrive safely to our hotel by mid afternoon. Now we all do what we have to do to get ready for our first performance on our first tour with Gustavo. Many eyes are on us as we perform with this remarkably gifted young musician.

I am not worried. With Gustavo, anything is possible