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Reed All About It!

Reed All About It!

I am typing at the break of our first rehearsal and think the orchestra sounds quite good this morning in spite of our jet lag!  Having awakened at 3:00am each of the two nights we have now been in Lisbon, it always gives one a bit of anxiety wondering how that first rehearsal will feel.

Also, as an oboe player, I am never able to predict how my reeds (yes, we think of reeds constantly!) will react to the trip.  I have to try to gauge how to adjust them in my hotel room, hoping it will translate to the concert hall.  This is constantly a work in progress, especially on a tour such as this where we are traveling to many cities and will be in different hotels and playing on wildly different stages across Europe. These factors combined with the stress of flying, since the different altitudes have an effect on them, makes for interesting reed making.

Yesterday was spent practicing and taking in a little bit of Lisbon, notably the Castle of Saint George, which has gorgeous views of the entire city.  It turned out to be a great way to get an overview of the port. Today will be yet another adjustment to Portuguese culture as our concert tonight is an hour later than we are accustomed to - 9:00pm!