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Trailing Spouses

Trailing Spouses

Toby, my husband, has just arrived in Paris for the remainder of our tour. He refers to himself as the "trailing spouse" - those husbands, wives, partners, and significant others who accompany orchestra members during tours. They have the advantage of enjoying all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the cities we travel to, but without the added responsibilities of performing. We have a number of family members with us on this tour; the European cities we are visiting this time are hard to pass up.

The LA Phil arrived in Paris on Saturday and plays its second concert tonight, has a long-awaited free day tomorrow and leaves for Budapest on Wednesday.

The last time Toby was in Paris with me was during the Philharmonic's residency here in 1996. We had been married just 3 years and reveled in the romance of the city.

This time around things are a bit different in that, after Paris, there will be two more cities to travel to for concerts. My dear partner will get experience the group "schlepp" with the luggage calls, buses to and from airports, and figuring out how to keep rested, fed, and ready for concerts.

In the meantime we are enjoying all that Paris has to offer. We aren't sure yet what we will do on the free day, but it will be spent together in this great city.