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This Is The BBC

This Is The BBC

BBC Studios

We've mentioned already how jam-packed the orchestra's schedule is on any given tour. After all, playing 11 concerts in four cities on two continents would be challenging for even the most adept tour planners - but when you toss a staged two-hour production of a brand-new oratorio into the mix, as well as an educational symposium that spans three days at the outset of the tour...well, then you're getting into "crazy busy" territory, especially when you ask orchestra members and your Music Director to go on the radio to promote your concerts.

Luckily, the LA Phil has the best staff out there, not to mention musicians who love what they do. Working together, the staff and the orchestra make as much time as they can to promote our great organization wherever they go - and, in case, since they're in London, they're going to the BBC. And that's just what Principal Second Violinist Lyndon Johnston Taylor and Principal Piccolo Sarah Jackson did yesterday when they sat down with Sean Rafferty to discuss, among other things, the orchestra's International Residency at the Barbican Centre as part of the Future Play Symposium and what it's like to play in Walt Disney Concert Hall.

You can listen online here, where the interivew will be streaming for the next six days. Johnston and Jackson appear around around the 10-minute mark of the program.

And it's not just musicans who show up on the BBC - our Music Director does as well! That's right - Gustavo Dudamel sat down with John Wilson on the Front Row program for a full half-hour to discuss the orchestra, the residency and more. The interview will be streaming on the BBC's website for the next week, so don't miss your chance to hear it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.