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Greetings from Lucerne!

Greetings from Lucerne!

Marion Kuzyk, Michele Grego and Michele Bovyer pose for a photo in Lucerne.

Today was a much-needed day off - no concerts, no rehearsals and no travel. I was fortunate to join two of my colleagues on an incredible journey to Mount Pilatus. Mount Pilatus is the 7000-foot Alpine Summit that is above Lucerne. Marion Kuszyk, Shelley Bovyer and I boarded a bus to the Kriens Station where we took the gondola to the first stop at 4649 feet. None of us had ever travelled to the summit and we thought surely we were to the top.

Marion took a wonderful photo of the next aerial cableway which took us to the summit. It's the tiny red speck in the middle of the snow covered mountain - it was nothing less than breathtaking and a bit terrifying.

The entire excursion took approximately 4 hours, which left us time to practice. It was great to take a break and still have time to check on our reeds, practice, and feel ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is another rehearsal and performance of John Adams' The Gospel According to the Other Mary, our first performance in Lucerne.

Cheers and thanks for following us on tour!