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March Madness

March Madness

LA Phil crew member Jesse Kolouch twiddles the knobs on the Salle Pleyel soundboard before the orchestra's performance of The Gospel According to the Other Mary in Paris.

March 14 to March 28. Fourteen days. Two weeks.

Officially, that's the duration of the LA Phil's 2013 International Tour. No matter how you look at it, it's impressive that the orchestra will have been able, when it's all said in done, to perform 9 concerts in four cities in four countries on two continents. 9 shows in two weeks over any kind of distance is a lot no matter how you slice it, but throw in the fact that one of the pieces being performed is an approximately 120-minute long staged oratoria with a full orchestra, six singers, three dancers and a chorus of almost 50 singers. The logistics to get all the necessary pieces in place in any given city are something to behold, and it's all the more notable when one considers that members of the staff and crew - the people who make sure everything's in place - have been at it since March 10.

That's right - the staff and crew began THEIR tour immediately after final performance of The Gospel According to the Other Mary in Los Angeles on March 10 and have been breaking it down and setting it up ever since. And it's gone off without a hitch. Wardrobe, sound, stage setup, instruments, everything - it's all been right where it needs to be every time.

The LA Phil isn't just one of the finest orchestras in the world; it's one of the finest operations in the world, period. Keep up the good work, everyone! We'll see ypou back in LA in no time.