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Left Coast, Meet Right Coast

Left Coast, Meet Right Coast

Concert crossroads: Signage captured en route from NYC to D.C.

It's a wrap for us in New York! The LA Phil's Monday night performance inside Avery Fisher Hall marked a fitting end to our first East Coast engagement. So, before we set our sights squarely on the nation's capitol, here's a quick look into what made last night's Manhattan finale so grand:

New York Times reporter Anthony Tomassini's "Left Coast, Meet Right Coast" pre-concert listing called our orchestra "adventurous" and our Music Director Gustavo "perhaps the most charismatic conductor of the new generation." (Our programs were also "enticing.") His full review of both performances also alludes to the impressively wide swath of time these selected works cover, from Brahms' Second (1877) to Bjarnason's Blow bright (2013).

Icelander Daníel Bjarnason was in the audience for the New York premiere of his latest work, as was New York Classical Review reporter Sophia Vastek, whose concert coverage included copious attention to its beauty. She also had this to say about the overall performance:

The orchestra was wholly in sync with each other, both emotionally and literally, through Dudamel’s unique capacity as both a leader and captivated observer/collaborator.

That's music to our ears as we blaze a continental trail together! Stay tuned for more on tonight's Kennedy Center performance ...

Concert Operations Manager Taylor Saleeby and Guido Frackers of TravTours, Inc., lead the way through Penn Station.