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Orchestra Members on Tour: A San Fran Scrapbook

Orchestra Members on Tour: A San Fran Scrapbook

It's not all about the actual performances. Life on the road provides plenty of memorable photo ops! Check out this collection of snaps from the first leg of our North American tour.

Orchestra Personnel Manager Jeff Neville manages some cotton candy at a staff kick-off lunch.

Cellist Barry Gold, violinist Camille Avellano and librarian Ken Bonebrake wait out a delay at LAX.

Members of the Notre Dame Lacrosse Team, a.k.a., the Phil's plane mates.

Violinist Ingrid Kuo Chun during a break in rehearsal at Davies Hall.

Keyboardist Joanne Pearce Martin preps offstage for Corigliano's Symphony No. 1.

Post-dim sum lunch in San Francisco. Front row: Leticia Oaks Strong, Bing Wang, Yun Tang, Ingrid Kuo Chun
Back row: Joanne Pierce Martin, Aroussiak Baltaian, Dale Breidenthal

Principal Timpanist Joseph Pereira in Sonoma with his daughter Sophia.

Principal Concert Master Martin Chalifour tries something new in Napa.

Viola players Michael Larco and Richard Elegino hitch a ride on a cable car.

Musicians, They're Just Like Us! (Kind of): The Tarmac security processional at SFO.

Keyboardist Joanne Pearce Martin checks out a 737 Captain's chair prior to departure.

Gorgeous San Francisco in plane view.

Goodbye, Golden Gate bridge! Goodbye, Marin County! Goodbye, San Francisco!