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Mad About Mahler!

Mad About Mahler!

This probably won't come as a surprise to many, but Gustavo Dudamel is mad about Mahler.

So...can you understand where Gustavo is coming from? Do you wake up with a Mahler symphony in your head? Have you written a blog post about his music or a poem celebrating the composer? Or are you, like so many others, just discovering his work but somehow aware that Mahler's music is special?

Whatever stage of Mahler madness you're at - Mahler newbie, Mahler lover or Mahler maniac - Gustavo and we here at the LA Phil would like you to do something for us.

We want you to show us your Mahler.

It's easy enough to do.

You can tweet about your experience with Mahler using the hashtag #MahlerProject.

You can post your Mahler-related stories or photos to either the LA Phil's or Gustavo's Facebook walls.

You can change your Twitter or Facebook photo to this one.

You can be creative - write a haiku, compose a Mahler-inspired piece of music, name your dog Mahler - whatever. Just show us your Mahler.

And then you can go see Gustavo, the LA Phil, the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela and more than 700 other musicians perform Mahler 8 - the "Symphony of a Thousand" - live from Caracas, Venezuela from the comfort of your local movie theater in LA Phil LIVE.

After all, to share a stage with that many people, you'd have to be mad about Mahler. Like these people.

1,027 musicians crowd the stage at LA's Shrine Auditorium to rehearse Mahler 9, the 'Symphony of a Thousand'