Antonio Canales began his formal studies at the National Ballet of Spain, where he was able to work as a soloist, deciding later to make the move to Paris. There, Canales joined the company of Maguy Marin. He headlined in some fifty performances, appearing on show bills with important figures such as R. Nureyev or Maya Plisetskaya. At this point, Canales had become an international dance celebrity.

Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, Farruquito, is the son of flamenco singer Juan Fernández Flores, El Moreno, and the Flamenco dancer Rosario Montoya Manzano, La Farruca. Heir to a unique school founded by Farruco, his grandfather, he has spent his entire life immersed in the purest Flamenco art. He made his debut on the international stage at the age of 5, in the Broadway show Flamenco Puro, appearing alongside the most legendary figures of Flamenco. When he was eight he performed in his first season in Madrid.