As the red-headed polymath and multi-instrumentalist at the heart of the endlessly inventive art-rock band Arcade Fire,  Richard Reed Parry has performed in front of immense crowds and sold millions of records across the world.  But this is only one aspect of an artist whose unconventional trajectory has resulted in work that is as varied as it is surprising and unique.  

Shuttle Lot Dispatcher



Job Statement: Manage all operational needs and services for each shuttle lot. Help organize shuttle.


Major Duties:

·         Manage assigned shuttle lot location. Duties include but are not limited to the following: supervising security staff; understanding the placement of signs, cones, and barricades to reserve and protect bus parking spaces if needed

·         Maintain ridership information for each departure

Park and Ride Dispatcher



Job Statement: Manage all Park and Ride–related operational needs and services for each Park and Ride lot.


Major Duties:

·         Manage assigned location. Duties include but are not limited to supervising security staff, and placing cones and barricades to reserve spaces for both patron vehicles and buses

·         Act as the Bowl liaison to bus operators at your Park and Ride location

Robin Gray's career as a lighting designer and director spans over thirty-two years with returning television industry and corporate clients like NBC Universal, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett- Packard. The Television Critics Association alone has engaged Robin as a lighting designer for over fifteen years, meeting the critical demands of ABC, CBS, NBC, the WB and major cable companies for their high profile showing at this biannual press tour event.

GLENN PAULSON is the former timpanist of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, and has been a member of the American Symphony and the Bard Summer Music Festival. He has also performed with the EOS Chamber Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and in many Broadway shows.

As a sophomore in college he spent the summer attending the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute on the campus of UCLA, even given a chance to play timpani with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl.