The Jones Family Singers, consisting in part of five sisters, two brothers and their father, have been tearing up churches and festivals alike for over two decades. But they’ve never before made a studio album that displays the depth of their pure musical gifts quite like The Spirit Speaks, recorded to analog tape at Jim Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio in Austin, TX and released on April 1st, 2014 via Arts+Labor.

The creative young voices of Jazz have been the lifeblood of Blue Note Records throughout its storied 75 year history, from Thelonious Monk and Herbie Hancock to Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson, all of whom made their debut albums for the legendary label. Our Point of View is a supergroup that celebrates the vitality of Blue Note in honor of our 75th anniversary by looking ahead and assembling the leading young artists on the Blue Note roster who steadfastly continue to move Jazz forward.

“I’ve always believed that in life, what you keep in your mind is what you draw to yourself.” That’s how trumpeter/composer Terence Blanchard explains the title of his 20th album, Magnetic, which finds a stunning variety of sounds and styles pulled together by the irresistible force of Blanchard’s vision. That credo stems directly from Blanchard’s personal faith; raised in the Christian church, he has turned in recent years to Buddhism after meditating with Herbie Hancock while on the road with the legendary pianist.

Patron Access Assistance Service (PAAS)



Job Statement: Providing cart service and wheelchair pushes to patrons who require assistance.


Major Duties:

·         Help transport patrons who require the service of an electric cart

·         Push patrons in wheelchairs up and down hilly terrain

·         Ensure the safety of patrons and passengers while operating carts

·         Adhere to all safety rules and procedures

Theater Attendant (Usher)



Job Statement: Welcome, seat and assist patrons.


Major Duties:

·         Seat patrons

·         Answer questions

·         Check tickets

·         Control area

·         Take tickets

·         Monitor speed ramps

·         Clear aisles before show

·         Collect cushions

·         Assist with buses

·         General duties as assigned

·         Operate 2-way radios

Shuttle Lot Dispatcher



Job Statement: Manage all operational needs and services for each shuttle lot. Help organize shuttle.


Major Duties:

·         Manage assigned shuttle lot location. Duties include but are not limited to the following: supervising security staff; understanding the placement of signs, cones, and barricades to reserve and protect bus parking spaces if needed

·         Maintain ridership information for each departure

Program / Cushion Cashier



Job Statement: Sell programs to patrons of the Bowl, and deposit cash monies according to procedures.


Major Duties:

·         Prepare site for opening

·         Reconcile cash monies at program sales area. Verify any overages or shortages

·         Direct and greet guests

·         Close rental areas

·         Keep accurate time records and abide by the meal and rest period policy


Parking / Shuttle Cashier



Job Statement: Sell tickets to patrons wishing to use the parking lot/shuttle lot system. Collect all pre-sold parking passes from patrons using the parking lots.


Major Duties:

·         Prepare site for opening

·         Sell tickets to the patrons wishing to use the parking lot/shuttle lot system

·         Reconcile tickets sold to monies collected. Verify any overages or shortages

·         Direct and greet guests

Shuttle Lot Parking Attendant



Job Statement: Control and maintain vehicle access to shuttle lot parking facilities.


Major Duties:

·         Prepare site for opening

·         Direct vehicles to appropriate area

·         Greet guests

·         Assist in closing the parking area

·         Keep accurate time records and abide by the meal and rest period policy