• Free Neighborhood Concert at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse: Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 8:00pm
  • Program

    HURVITZ New Work for orchestra
    TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 4

  • José González: Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 8:00pm
  • Payroll Supervisor


    Essential Functions:

    Operations Secretary

    Job Summary: Support all Operations activities and routines.

    Major duties:

    Patron Access Assistance Service

    Job Summary: Providing cart service and wheelchair pushes to patrons who require assistance.


    Major Duties:

    • Help transport patrons who require the service of an electric cart
    • Push patrons in wheelchairs up and down hilly terrain
    • Ensure the safety of patrons and passengers while operating carts
    • Adhere to all safety rules and procedures
    • General duties as assigned by supervisor
    • Keep accurate time records and abide by the meal and rest period policy


    Theater Attendant (Usher)

    Job Summary: Welcome, seat and assist patrons.


    Major Duties:

    • Seat patrons
    • Answer questions
    • Check tickets
    • Control area
    • Take tickets
    • Monitor speed ramps
    • Clear aisles before show
    • Collect cushions
    • Assist with buses
    • General duties as assigned
    • Operate 2-way radios
    • Keep accurate time records and abide by the meal and rest period policy


    Shuttle Lot Dispatcher

    Job Summary: Manage all operational needs and services for each shuttle lot. Help organize shuttle.


    Major Duties:

    Shuttle Lot Parking Attendant

    Job Summary: Control and maintain vehicle access to shuttle lot parking facilities.


    Major Duties: