Green Umbrella: Focus on Eötvös

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About This Performance

Transylvanian-born composer Peter Eötvös has written major musical theater pieces in a wide variety of languages, including Chekov’s Three Sisters (Russian) and Tony Kushner’s Angels in America (in English). The fascination of Snatches of a Conversation lies in the use of a double bell trumpet that allows the soloist to alternate rapidly between different mutes.

Associate Conductor Lionel Bringuier has had to withdraw from this concert after sustaining injuries to his right arm from a fall. He will be replaced by Gregory Vajda; the program remains unchanged.

BALTAKAS (co)ro(na)
EÖTVÖS Snatches of a Conversation
Timur Bekbosunov, speaker
Brandon Ridenour, trumpet


EÖTVÖS Korrespondenz
Calder Quartet

EÖTVÖS Sonata per Sei

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