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Hespèrion XXI
Folías Antiguas & Criollas from the Old World to the New

Walt Disney Concert Hall

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  • Jordi Savall Jordi Savall

    Jordi Savall


About This Performance

The great majority of musical forms that evolved after the “discovery” and the conquest of the New World display an extraordinary mixture of Hispanic and Creole elements influenced by indigenous and African traditions. Listening to old music with new variations, we have the overwhelming sense that we are travelling back in time while still living in the present, as Jordi Savall and Rui Neri indicate in their notes for this program.

Come for:

One of the early music movement’s leading standard bearers, Jordi Savall returns with two superb ensembles for a vigorous and touching program.

Jordi Savall will be signing CDs at the LA Phil Store following the performance on Sunday, March 2nd.

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