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CFP 2020: Evan Kuhlmann Performs A Note to Myself by Fariyan Alam

Watch & Listen

When the pandemic hit, the Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellows changed course from writing large chamber music projects to writing solo etudes for LA Phil musicians. Hear Bassoon Love by Yoni Fogelman performed by Evan Kuhlmann.

Program notes

I have a lot of fun writing for the bassoon, as I find the process to be especially interactive. I learn more about the instrument as I compose, and in return it gives me glimpses of its many personalities. One day, the bassoon presents itself as lyrical, and on the next, lethargic. I may be getting to know the romantic bassoon one afternoon, when suddenly it turns robust. Even the dramatic bassoon can shift to dopey within a few seconds of music! I enjoy interacting with all of these characters, and in my piece, I wanted to showcase a few of my favorites. My focus throughout the process was to write cohesive music that I enjoyed listening to, played by an instrument I love. From this blend of personal joys and multiple characters, I arrived at my title, Bassoon Love.

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