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CFP 2020: Evan Kuhlmann Performs Bassoon Love by Yoni Fogelman

Watch & Listen

When the pandemic hit, the Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellows changed course from writing large chamber music projects to writing solo etudes for LA Phil musicians. Hear A Note to Myself by Fariyan Alam performed by Evan Kuhlmann.

Program notes

A Note to Myself is, in a lot of ways, a memo a parent might include in their child’s lunchbox on their first day of school, in the sense that I wrote it as a way to remind myself in the future of all of the trials and tribulations I’ve been through in the past and that every uncomfortable situation always works out. I began writing this piece as I was working on the college essays that I’d have to submit as a senior, thinking about what it would be like to study at a college way off on the east coast. I was worried about the sadness that I’d feel as I left the people I knew and loved to go off into a new environment. But I was also excited, to see what I’d learn about myself while living in another metropolis. So, for this piece, I decided to explore both of these emotions to create a piece that could comfort me in times of distress and also encourage me to go forward with my ambitions, knowing that it’d all be okay in the end.

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