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CFP 2020: Michael Fuller Performs Descent by Emily Webster-Zuber

Watch & Listen

When the pandemic hit, the Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellows changed course from writing large chamber music projects to writing solo etudes for LA Phil musicians. Hear Descent by Emily Webster-Zuber performed by Michael Fuller.

Program notes

Descent represents the current, chaotic state of humanity as we go further into the COVID-19 rabbit-hole – our actions and emotions are constantly transforming. It can be compared to the mysteries and emptiness of deep space. As I was writing, I wanted to focus on sounds and techniques the double bass is capable of. I experimented with the clarity of harmonics and different drum-like textures produced, as well as contrast between intense and soft-spoken characteristics. The texture and sound world of François Rabbath’s L'Infinie Martine inspired factors of this piece. "Descent" was written in May 2020 while I was a participant in the LA Phil Composers Fellowship Program.

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