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Golden Era of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Golden Era of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Stacy and Mick WetzelStacy and I had the honor of sharing dinner with Philharmonic Board members Ann and Tony Cannon and Philharmonic Director of Public Relations Adam Crane. It was after our concert in Paris at Salle Pleyel (November 6), which made it a late-night meal but?is it possible to find a bad dinner in Paris? Mais oui, but there are so many wonderful choices that make this a difficult venture.

We talked of many things relative to the Phil, and I suppose that it was a little self-congratulatory since all five of us are of course connected to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, though from vastly different angles. But honestly there are so many things to be self-congratulatory about. We have a current music director who is fantastic, highly sought-after, and really a rock star here on the Continent. We have an incoming music director who is the envy of the free world (and every other part of the planet for that matter). We have a great board, a great President and CEO, an amazing staff, a great Hall, etc. In the colloquialism of my extremely cool 15-year-old daughter, "It's all good."

I am convinced that as we look back on this epoch 20 years from now, we will see it as the "Golden Era of the Los Angeles Philharmonic," and they seem to appreciate "gold" here in Europe.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Board members Tony and Ann Cannon with Los Angeles Philharmonic Director of Public Relations Adam Crane (center)