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The London Connection

The London Connection


This time 10 years ago, I was living in Hong Kong with my husband. We had relocated there so we could be together as a family while my husband was working on a project for his company. The LAPhil had granted me a Leave of Absence so that we could make this move. During our time there we met other "Expats" who had moved from other parts of the world for similar reasons. We had friends from Scotland, England, the US,  and also Hong Kong.

After we moved back to LA to resume our lives and professions we stayed in contact with all these friends. Over the years, some friends repatriated to their countries of origin. Two couples from England moved back and one couple we knew from LA moved to London.

All these years later we are getting together again to reconnect. I have just returned from spending my first few days in the UK with one British couple who repatriated  to England about 7 years ago. They bought a 450 + year home in the Suffolk area and have  been renovating it themselves. It was so nice to have a few days to spend time with friends while getting over jet lag. One highlight was to go out to the North Sea at Orford to visit the church where some of Britten's music was premiered.  

Tonight I meet up with my US friends, who originally are from LA and now live in the Holland Park  area. Tomorrow I meet up with the second of my British friends who are in town visiting family. It is great that it worked out for us to see each other.

The thing that is remarkable, is that even though the passage of time between visits is great, the friendships just pick up where they left off. I feel so fortunate to have such friends as these.

Now it will be on to getting ready for the concerts which come up in just a few days. My fingers need to get reacquainted with my violin.