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Walking In London

Walking In London

Nathan Cole, the LA Phil's First Associate Concertmaster, takes a moment to pose with composer and LA Phil Creative Chair John Adams.

Back in London, one of my favorite cities to tour! It's always alive, and I speak the language.

Since my flight and trip to the hotel were fairly easy, I found myself with more energy than I'm used to for the first day of tour. So even though it was rainy and getting dark, I knew I had to take out the camera for a night walk. The combination of rain, city lights, and sunset was a lucky one. The folks eating at this cafe on the Serpentine in Hyde Park had it good!

Of course, the next day was the start of our real work here in London, the Green Umbrella concert at the Barbican. It's not often that we get to repeat a new-music program, so the fact that this was our second stab at the same Green Umbrella set everyone at ease. We were free to really go for it in front of an enthusiastic London crowd. And even though I didn't get to play John Adams' Son of Chamber Symphony, he was nice enough to take a picture with me. I'll be playing his The Gospel According to the Other Mary tonight and in each of the other cities on tour, though.



Beautiful photos. I knew Mr. Cole is a fabulous violinist from chamber music concerts, but I had no idea that he was such a talented photographer, also. Is he the orchestra's new David Weiss?