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Willkommen in Luzern!

Willkommen in Luzern!


The stage at the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (KKL) in Lucerne as the LA Phil crew prepares for today's performance of The Gospel According to the Other Mary.


The orchestra and some of the LA Phil staff had a much-needed free day in Lucerne yesterday, but, as you can see by the work being done onstage, that free day didn't quite extend all the way across the operation. After arriving in Lucerne on Monday, the crew had to unload the three trucks it took to move the equipment from London to Lucerne and get started straightaway with setup. No rest for the weary - but, in all honesty, that's why they're the best.

Meanwhile, some of the staff were able to enjoy the Alpine beauty of this German-speaking Swiss city of just under 80,000 on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Notable sights include the Lake, the 14th-century Chapel Bridge (or Kapellbrücke, if you want to sound like a native) and the KKL itself, which was designed by French archtitect Jean Nouvel, who, in a fun little coincidence, will also be designing installations for our production of the The Marriage of Figaro in May!

The LA Phil - the reach is truly global!


Following along the tour path through the blog is nice. Lots of natural beauty at this stop. Enjoy. Beautiful concert hall. Looks like a lot of fir in there.