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Our Crew

As we approach the halfway point of our US Tour, I'm using a rainy day in Nashville to just relax and reflect on the whirlwind of travel, rehearsals and concerts we jam packed into seven long days. Gustavo, Jean-Yves and the Orchestra have been marvelous, as the concerts have all been fantastic and exciting. Sitting backstage listening to the thunderous ovations in every city makes me gleam with pride for the LA Phil.

On this free day, I'd like to focus on the other side of the stage and the magic that is being produced there. Whenever we arrive into the next venue, everything is setup as it should be. While we don't expect anything less, it's hard to appreciate how everything got there. Our production director, Paul Geller, stage manager, Jeff Wallace and their stage crew, Alex Quintanar, Cesar Melgar and John Cox have made these concerts possible and deserve credit for the success we have been having on this tour. These guys arrive to the halls before our planes even touchdown at the airport and stay after many of us have gone to bed. They load into halls that cannot fit our trunks and find creative solutions so that everything is ready to go.

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