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The Big Day!

The Big Day!

LA Phil in Caracas

It's finally here!

Today's the day that The Mahler Project, all five weeks of it, ends in the most spectacular fashion imaginable.

Today's the day that Gustavo leads the LA Phil, the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela and a literal cast of thousands in the gargantuan Mahler 8, the "Symphony of a Thousand," live from Caracas!

Of course, you don't have to be IN Caracas to see it - you can head on over to your local cineplex and see it in HD from the comfort of your very own movie theater seat. It's the second installment of LA Phil LIVE, and it promises to be a movie-going experience like no other.

Check out some photos from rehearsal and watch the video below (provided by KUSC's own Brian Lauritzen, freshly back from Caracas himself), then head to the theater to watch the "Symphony of a Thousand!"

And, of course, report back on Facebook, Twitter, the comments below, whatever - let us know that the broadcast satisfied your "Mahler Madness!"