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Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

Photo courtesy of the LA Times

In addition to our excellent institutional sources on the ground in Caracas - who shall remain, of course, known only as "LA Phil Staff - there's no shortage of press coverage of the LA Phil's visit to Caracas.

It's a good story, after all - Gustavo Dudamel, favorite son of the famed El Sistema music education system, becomes classical music superstar and returns home to Venezuela to combine his two musical families. Add to that the fact that no major symphony orchestra has been to Caracas in over two decades and you've got a situation ripe for coverage in the press.

Gustavo with a newspaper

That said, the media coverage of the LA Phil's trip - and of Gustavo and The Mahler Project in general - has been plentiful, comprehensive and really interesting. Here's a quick sample:

1) We've already celebrated Brian Lauritzen's coverage over on the ClassicalKUSC blog - we even asked him to guest blog over here, after all - but it appears that he's going for some sort of record for providing coverage on three outlets in one day, as you can catch him on KCRW's "Which Way LA?" at 7pm PST tonight.

2) The LA Times' Mark Swed is also traveling with the LA Phil in Caracas. Swed, who provides great LA Phil reviews and general classical music coverage at the CultureMonster blog, has written some wonderful pieces from Caracas, including pieces on the LA Phil's educational activities in Venezuela as well as our current favorite article, entitled "Even Dudamel is wowed by huge Mahler Eighth rehearsal in Caracas." The best line: "After the break, Dudamel briefly walked out into the hall so he could hear the balances for himself (Lionel Bringuier took over the podium with engaging flair). Dudamel’s response to the ear-shattering, ecstatic end of the first part was exactly the same as that of everyone else: Wow!"

Children practicing

3) The New York Times is also in on the action, providing solid coverage of the not only Gustavo and the LA Phil's performances, but also the educational/social action angle of the trip; namely, the orchestra's visits to the various centers and nucleos affiliated with El Sistema and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela.

4) The Daily Beast/Newsweek. They put together a great story about Gustavo, YOLA and the LA Phil while in LA for the local leg of The Mahler Project. Good reading.

5) This blog. You didn't think we were going to leave ourselves out, did you? Plus, someone has to mention that fans across the country, Canada and now parts of South America will be able to see Gustavo lead more than 1,400 musicians in Mahler's "Symphony of a Thousand" in LA Phil LIVE, right?