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The LA Weekly on “Mahlerpalooza”

The LA Weekly on “Mahlerpalooza”

Gustav MahlerIt's no surprise that The Mahler Project is attracting attention from the local LA press - after all, it's a big undertaking and involves a solid three weeks of concerts here in town. We already linked to the LA Times' Mark Swed's article on Gustavo Dudamel and The Mahler Project - it featured an interview with our Music Director and was a thoughtful, serious piece that explored Gustavo's reasons for undertaking such a monumental task.

The LA Weekly, on the other hand, takes a slightly different approach today. Calling the festival "Mahlerpalooza," the alt-weekly's West Coast Sound blog offers up a guide advising the best way to take in nine concerts in 22 days. Here's a sample:

Best concerts for newbies: The 4th and 1st symphonies are the most straightforward of Mahler's works, which for Mahler still means that there are plenty of unexpected detours and surprises.

Best concerts for Mahler mavens: You know the 7th and 8th Symphonies don't often get performed here. If you don't catch these performances this time around, who knows when you'll have another chance in Southern California?

Also included in the paper's tip guide are a couple of Mahler videos, as well as info on some of the lectures and educational events surrounding The Mahler Project and additional resources for learning more about Mahler. Hey, you want to go into the concerts informed, right?

You can read the entire, slightly cheeky article here.

Speaking of cheeky - in our daily scouring of the Internet for Mahler-related material, we came across this piece in the New York Times. It seems that, during a New York Philharmonic performance of Mahler 9 on Tuesday, JAN 10, a rogue cell phone made its presence known during a particularly quiet portion of the already-peaceful symphony. We'll let the NYT take up the story from there, but please - if you're joining us for the Mahler Project, shut off your phone.