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Part of the Musical Family

Part of the Musical Family

Saludos a todos!

Bienvenido al ciclo Mahler!!

Performing all of the Mahler symphonies in a three-week span in the world of classical music is something very unique and really amazing. Though I have conducted some of them, for me it is a great experience to have the opportunity to study all of the symphonies and to be assisting Gustavo Dudamel in this big project.

This is also for me the occasion to meet and to hear for the very first time the great Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela – a band with a great energy and with a wonderful ability to make music. I am so happy to be in my 5th season as Resident Conductor of the LA Phil, to be part of the family, and to see the extraordinary relationship developing between Gustavo and the orchestra. And I realize how lucky I am to be part of this unique experience!

The Mahler Project is the opportunity for both families and Orchestras to meet and to play together. I have a feeling that I am witnessing an historic moment. What really amazed me was the very first rehearsal of Mahler 8 when both orchestras met - and the result was amazing. I couldn’t believe that it was the very first reading. It seemed as if the musicians of both orchestras had played together their whole lives.

Gracias a todos los participantes de este proyecto por hacerlo un evento monumental!

Editor's Note: Lionel Bringuier is the LA Phil's Resident Conductor. Hear Lionel describe what the job entails here.