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Yuja Wang & Dudamel: Rachmaninoff Concerto 1

Fri / Mar 19, 2021 - 8:00PM

Rachmaninoff’s youthful and flashy First Piano Concerto

About this Performance

The showstopping Yuja Wang joins Gustavo Dudamel for the first of all four Rachmaninoff concertos across two weekends. The First Concerto reveals a young, ambitious composer defining his style and honing his voice. Completed when he was 18 and a student at the Moscow Conservatory, and then revised 26 years later once the composer had become a worldly, refined artist, the First offers Rachmaninoff’s characteristic Romantic style with the unabashed showmanship you might expect from a youthful virtuoso eager to flex his muscles.  

In the second half, Dudamel leads the composer’s Second Symphony. Uninterested in the Modernist experiments around him and unwavering in his style, Rachmaninoff’s symphony encapsulates the heart-on-the-sleeve, hyper-emotional style that endeared him to audiences and inspired many a Hollywood score. 

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