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Reel Change 2

Reel Change: An exploration of the next generation of film composers

Sat / Nov 20, 2021 - 8:00PM


  • Program to include:
  • Kris BOWERS Concerto for Horn (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

About this Performance

According to historian Kurt London, film music was born out of necessity—it was needed to cover the sound of the projector. It wasn’t long, however, before film music took on an artistic life of its own. Modern film scores draw on the creativity of composers coming to the form not only from conservatories but also from the worlds of hip-hop, rock, jazz, and experimental music. Many work in close collaboration with directors to evoke mood as much as emotion. With programs curated by a combination of directors and composers, Reel Change: The New Era of Film Music celebrates this period of increasingly adventurous film music and the wide-ranging influences of its most groundbreaking voices.’’

More details to be announced.

The LA Phil's Humanities Programs are generously supported by Linda and David Shaheen.

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