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Flyana Boss

About this Artist

Hailing from Detroit, MI, and Dallas, TX, MCs and multi-instrumentalists Bobbi LaNea and Folayan met at a Los Angeles music college, immediately hitting it off and forming Flyana Boss (rhymes with Diana Ross). Praised by The Washington Post for their fashion, songwriting, and stage presence, Flyana Boss embodies the spirit of flyness and bossness, describing their unique concept as the “vagina dynasty.” Bursting onto the scene with their breakout single “You Wish,” produced by hitmaker Marky Style, Flyana Boss quickly gained attention, landing the duo a #1 debut on Spotify’s Viral 50 in the US and #6 globally. Following the success of “You Wish,” they dropped an iconic remix featuring rising it-girl Kaliii and the legendary Missy Elliott. The duo then embarked on their debut tour with Janelle Monáe, followed by a special guest appearance on Ke$ha’s The Only Love Tour. The duo continued to make waves with singles like “Bitch Imma Star,” “Big One,” and “Candyman,” recognition as Next Generation Wavemaker Honorees at the Girls Make Beats Gala, and presenting Janelle Monáe with the “Spirit of Soul Award” at the 2023 Soul Train Awards (a request from Janelle herself). Bobbi and Folayan remain committed to creating music that reflects their experiences, pushes boundaries, and uplifts others. With their talent, ambition, and unwavering drive, Flyana Boss is poised to become a prominent force in the hip-hop industry, leaving an indelible mark on music lovers worldwide.