A strong endowment is a necessity, not a luxury. The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association's Endowment Fund provides critical annual income that supports all aspects of the orchestra's activities: performances, education initiatives, and recruiting the best musicians. Friends of the LA Phil who make endowment gifts help ensure the long-term health of this institution.

Endowment donors have the satisfaction of knowing that, through their gift, they are leaving a legacy that provides the art of music for future generations. Only the income from endowment gifts will be allocated annually where the organizational need is the greatest, leaving the principal intact.


Endowment Recognition

Endowment gifts of $25,000 and above are recognized in LA Phil publications. Gifts of $100,000-$999,999 are additionally recognized outdoors in the Walt Disney Concert Hall Garden. Gifts of $1 million or higher are recognized inside Walt Disney Concert Hall on the Endowment Wall near the Founders Room.

Futher Information

For further information about the Endowment at the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl, or for further information on planned giving, please contact:

Susan Erburu Reardon
Director, Gift Planning

Kimberley Valentine
Director, Leadership Gifts

Richard Watkins
Associate Director, Development

Genevieve Goetz
Manager, Gift Planning

To Make a Gift of Stock

Please download this form and return to us by fax or mail.