Björk Digital

Björk Digital

May 19 – Jun 4

10am – 9pm (Ticketed entry every 15 minutes)

Magic Box at the Reef
1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles



The LA Phil is thrilled to present the West Coast premiere of Björk Digital, an exhibition of groundbreaking VR video works featuring music from Björk's latest album, Vulnicura.

  • Timed tickets are scheduled for every 15 minutes
  • The exhibition takes approximately 90 minutes to view
  • Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled entry time

The LA Phil will also present Björk with Orchestra (ticketed separately), conducted by Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason, on May 30 at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

These events will be a special addition to our Reykjavík Festival, highlighting the profound musical creativity from Iceland’s capital.


A pioneer in music, art, and technology, Björk has worked with a collection of world-renowned directors, programmers, and visual artists to create a series of innovative virtual reality works displayed throughout a series of rooms. Björk Digital will invite guests to experience these immersive works through the latest in virtual reality technology.

The Björk Digital exhibition is a series of experiences: This begins with the Biophilia room, a hands-on educational space which showcases Björk’s innovative apps and custom-made musical instruments, encouraging users to dive into an exploration of musicology, science and technology; then, six VR experiences where users are transported with custom headsets; and finally, the Cinema room, a curated program of Björk’s extensive and groundbreaking music videos spanning her career thus far, remastered for a unique exhibition cinema experience. Included will be videos directed by Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alexander McQueen, and many more.

The VR experiences will include:

  • Stonemilker VR – Filmed on a remote beach location in Iceland and directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Stonemilker VR presents Björk in a windswept 360-degree film performing the first track from Vulnicura.
  • Black Lake VR – Commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Black Lake VR features a custom-built immersive space featuring a bespoke, cutting-edge surround sound set up to create an immersive and visceral virtual reality experience. Filmed in the highlands of Iceland, the video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.
  • Quicksand VR – Featuring a 3-D printed headpiece by Neri Oxman, Quicksand VR captures Björk’s live performance at Miraikan, Tokyo, in augmented virtual reality. The work was created in close collaboration with Dentsu Lab Tokyo.
  • Mouthmantra VR – Directed by Jesse Kanda, Mouthmantra VR transports the viewer to the inside of Björk’s mouth for an intense and intimate experience as she sings the video’s title track.
  • Family VR – Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang with co-creative direction by Björk and James Merry, Family is the centerpiece in the VR anthology for Vulnicura, encapsulating the full emotional arc of Björk’s journey from despair to empowerment.
  • Notget VR – Notget VR, directed by Warren du Prees and Nick Thornton Jones, presents Björk as a stunning digital moth giantess transformed by masks created by James Merry.