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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s VAN Beethoven?

VAN Beethoven is a 4-minute virtual reality experience using new Oculus technology that allows you to experience a private concert with the LA Phil from our specially-designed touring truck, which is complete with authentic carpet and seating from Walt Disney Concert Hall. You’ll put on the headset and immediately be transported to Walt Disney Concert Hall to experience the opening minutes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, with a few surprises.

Who can try this?

This technology has been approved for use by people 13 years or older without a history of epilepsy, seizures, or convulsions. The truck is wheelchair accessible.

Any user under the age of 18 (minor) will require a parent to complete a waiver in order to take part in the experience.

Where do I go to try it?

VAN Beethoven will be touring the greater Los Angeles area September 11 through October 18.

How can I request a stop?

Locations and organizations can request a stop here.

What if I can’t make it to the truck?

The VAN Beethoven experience will be available as a free app called Orchestra VR in the Oculus Rift and Samsung VR app stores starting this September.

Why is the LA Phil doing this?

We're excited about our upcoming Immortal Beethoven festival, and we wanted to do something particularly special in our community. Our Music and Artistic Director Gustavo Dudamel has often said that music is a fundamental human right. With VAN Beethoven, we can bring the experience of Walt Disney Concert Hall to the people of Los Angeles!