Inside The Music

What is Inside The Music?

Inside the Music is a new series hosted by KUSC DJ and classical music brainiac Brian Lauritzen. Your concert ticket gains you exclusive access to pre-concert talks, post-concert Q&As with the musicians, videos that take you beyond the program notes, and an online game. It's a choose-your-own musical adventure unlike any you've seen, heard or felt before.

How To Get Inside the Music

Take advantage of any or all of the options below to expand your concert experience.


Before each concert, we'll send you videos that give you a perspective on the music you can't get anywhere else: crawl inside the organ, map sound in your brain and find out why every orchestra owns a giant sledgehammer. And that's only scratching the surface.

Watch: Brian outlines the entire series and shares some highlights from the upcoming videos.

Upbeat Live Pre-Concert Talk

These special-editions of our pre-concert talks will happen on the Walt Disney Concert Hall stage. Come at 6:45pm before the performance and join host Brian Lauritzen as he breaks down the concert with experts and musicians. Learn what to listen for and what makes each program unique.

Upbeat Live Guest info will be announced as each concert nears


Immediately following each performance, some of the musicians will return to the stage for a post-concert Q & A. Get to know the incredible performers of the LA Phil, hear about the music from the people who played it, and ask your own questions.

Play The Game

After the concert, play the Inside the Music Game. The interactive quiz will challenge your classical music knowledge with questions based on the performance you just saw. Play from any device and enter your high score for a chance to win prizes from the LA Phil.

Play Round 1 Now