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La Llorona: The Rebel Spirit of Chavela Vargas

Walt Disney Concert Hall

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  • Tania Libertad Tania Libertad

    Tania Libertad

  • Ely Guerra Ely Guerra

    Ely Guerra

  • Eugenia León Eugenia León

    Eugenia León


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Ely Guerra, special guest

Eugenia León, special guest

Tania Libertad, special guest

About This Performance

The late singer of Mexican rancheras and corridos, Vargas was a major influence throughout the Americas with her songs of struggle, defiance, and triumph. She was also highly influential in Europe, most prominently perhaps as a muse to Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who prompted her to make her Carnegie Hall debut at the age of 83. Her songs have recently been covered by groups as diverse as Pink Martini and The Chieftains. 

Come for:

Passionate and powerful vocalists Ely Guerra, Eugenia León, and Tania Libertad perform one-of-a-kind acoustic sets in tribute to the late legendary musical rebel Chavela Vargas, the influential singer of boleros, rancheras and corridos.

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