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Podcast: James McVinnie with Christoph Bull • LA Phil 2023/24

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This talk was given at a performance by James McVinnie at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Pieces discussed:

Gabriella SMITH  Imaginary Pancake

Meredith MONK  Ellis Island

Nico MUHLY  Patterns

⁠Nico MUHLY⁠  II. Palindromes

⁠Nico MUHLY⁠  IV. Very Fast Music

inti FIGGIS-VIZUETA  build-it-yourself

BACH  Duetto 1, BWV 802

BACH  Prelude and Fugue in D-sharp minor, BWV 853

BACH  “Dies sind die Heiligen zehn Gebot,” BWV 678

BACH  Toccata in F major, BWV 540

Philip GLASS  A Distant Figure (Passacaglia)

Philip GLASS  Dance No. 4

Philip GLASS  Music in Fifths

Philip GLASS  Etude No. 20

Philip GLASS  Mad Rush


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