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Podcast: Price and Bonds with Sarah Cahill • LA Phil 2022/23

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Cahill is joined by conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya, composer and arranger Michael-Thomas Foumai, violinist and arranger Jannina Norpoth, and pianist Michelle Cann.

This talk was given at the performance of A Musical Portrait: Price and Bonds at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Pieces discussed:

PRICE Retrospection

PRICE Symphony No. 1 in E minor: 4. Finale. Presto

PRICE (arr. Michael-Thomas FOUMAI) Song to the Dark Virgin

PRICE (arr. Michael-Thomas FOUMAI) Night


PRICE Selected Works for Solo Piano

PRICE (arr. Jannina NORPOTH) Four Encore Songs

PRICE I Am Bound for the Kingdom

PRICE (arr. Michael-Thomas FOUMAI) A Piece for Solo Piano and Orchestra, after Florence Price’s Fantasie nègre No. 1 (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

BONDS (arr. by Jannina NORPOTH) Selected Songs

BONDS "Who is That Man?" from Simon Bore the Cross

BONDS Selections from Montgomery Variations

PRICE Organ Suite No. 1 (Postlude)


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