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Iconoclast of the Organ World

Artist Spotlight: Cameron Carpenter

Cameron Carpenter is renowned for his comprehensive transformation of what an organist can be in the 21st century. His personal approach is not only thrilling but captures the imagination of those who may have never given the “king of instruments” a passing thought. We are fortunate to present this unique artist twice this season, both with orchestra (NOV 16, 18) and in solo recital (APR 7).

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VIDEO: Inside the Music - The Artist and the Muse with Cameron Carpenter
Produced Nov, 2014 • Host Brian Lauritzen and organist Cameron Carpenter dive into the organ's unique place in classical music. Discover what makes the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ so special, and why she's been the muse for composers and organists alike over the past ten years.


NOV 16 & 18 - 2018

Cameron Carpenter Plays Saint-Saëns

The organist takes on the famed composer’s crushing power chords.


SUN / APR 7, 2019

Cameron Carpenter
Organ Recital

This smasher of cultural and classical music taboos is a game-changer!