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To renew your subscription online, click Log In using your email and password. This will take you to My Account. If you need assistance, contact Audience Services from 12pm to 6pm daily at 323 850 2025.

  2. To renew your same seats, simply click ADD TO CART at the bottom of the page. To improve/change your seats, click UPGRADE THIS PACKAGE above the package you wish to modify.
  3. Choose IMPROVE MY SEATS or I MUST CHANGE MY SERIES and make the appropriate selections.
  4. If you are changing the number of seats or section, change the number or section that appears, and then select the appropriate buttons below. (If you have special requests, click “Other special requests” and give a brief description. The description field is limited to 100 characters).
  5. Click UPGRADE, and you will be taken back to the cart.
  6. If you have other packages (including parking packages) in the cart, follow these instructions for each of those packages.
  7. Once you have made all your choices for your series, review your selections and click ADD TO CART.
  8. Review your cart, accept the Conditions of Sale, and click CHECKOUT
  9. Confirm your address and phone number. Click CONTINUE.
  10. Enter your payment detail and click SUBMIT.
  11. Your order summary will appear, and an email confirmation will arrive at the email address connected to your account.

By phone:

Contact Audience Services from 12pm to 6pm daily at 323 850 2025.

  1. Select the option for "Tickets at the Walt Disney Concert Hall."
  2. Provide your credit card and series information when requested. (Please have your credit card and series information ready when you call. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA.)

Please note: If you are requesting to make changes/upgrades to your subscription package, please renew online or via mail.

By mail:

Important: Please fill out the order form in black ink.

  1. Review your series and seating information.
  2. Making changes? Or keeping your seats?