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Take a trip to the leading edge of music with our Green Umbrella series. For our Centennial season, every single piece at every Green Umbrella concert is a world premiere commissioned by the LA Phil, with concerts curated by Andrew Norman, Susanna Mälkki, Herbie Hancock, and John Adams.


Use the BUY SERIES button to purchase season tickets, or Create Your Own Season by choosing four or more concerts from our entire calendar. Use the Green Umbrella/New Music filter for easy access to our most adventurous music.

5 Events
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LA Fest: LA’s Newest Music

Gustavo Dudamel leads a night centered around Southern California’s leading lights.

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    • Ethan BRAUN

    *The Lost Ones**

    • Natacha DIELS

    *Laughing to Forget** (with generous support from the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation)

    • Daniel ALLAS

    *to be tender** (with generous support from Nancy S. and Barry Sanders)

  • Intermission

    • Tina TALLON

    *…for we who keep our lives in our throats…** (with generous support from the Hillenburg Family)

    • Carolyn CHEN

    *The Sleeper and the Drinker** (with generous support from the Deborah Borda Women in the Arts Initiative)


  • LA Phil New Music Group
  • Gustavo Dudamel, conductor
  • Paolo Bortolameolli, conductor
  • Nuno Coelho, conductor
  • Boris Allakhverdyan, clarinet
  • Denis Bouriakov, flute, Virginia and Henry Mancini Chair
  • Nathan Cole, violin
  • Andrew Norman, curator
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European Avant-Garde

Our Principal Guest Conductor highlights the pioneering sounds of modern Europe.

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    • Francesco FILIDEI

    Lamento (world premiere, LA Phil commission)*

    • Arnulf HERRMANN

    The Call (world premiere, LA Phil commission)*

    • Lotta WENNÄKOSKI

    Hele (world premiere, LA Phil commission with generous support from Janis B. McEldowney)*

  • Intermission

    • Miroslav SRNKA

    Overheating (world premiere, LA Phil commission)*

    • Yann ROBIN

    Übergang II (world premiere, LA Phil commission)*


  • LA Phil New Music Group
  • Susanna Mälkki, conductor
  • Sean Michael Plumb, baritone
  • Francesco Filidei, organ
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The Edge of Jazz

The perceived borders between jazz, classical, and improvised music disappear in a night powered by the imagination of Herbie Hancock, our Creative Chair for Jazz.

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    • Hitomi OBA

    Aina (world premiere, LA Phil commission with generous support from the Esa-Pekka Salonen Commission Fund)

    • Vijay IYER

    Crisis Modes (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

    • Billy CHILDS

    of Darkness and Light (world premiere, LA Phil commission with generous support from Sandi and Kevin Kayse)

    • Kamasi WASHINGTON

    Struggle from Within (world premiere, LA Phil commission, with generous support from Lisa Field and the Field Family Foundation)

    • Tyshawn SOREY

    For Fred Lerdahl (world premiere, LA Phil commission)


    Suite Universal (Universal Suite) (world premiere, LA Phil commission)


  • LA Phil New Music Group
  • Paolo Bortolameolli, conductor
  • Hitomi Oba, saxophone
  • Billy Childs, piano
  • Jovino Santos Neto, piano
  • Herbie Hancock, curator
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Bryce Dessner’s Triptych (Eyes of One on Another)

Composer Bryce Dessner explores the formative impact of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work in this coming-together of music and photography.

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    • Bryce DESSNER

    Triptych (Eyes of One on Another)


  • LA Phil New Music Group
  • Sara Jobin, conductor
  • Bryce Dessner, composer
  • Korde Arrington Tuttle featuring words by Essex Hemphill & Patti Smith, librettist
  • Roomful of Teeth
  • Kaneza Schaal, director
  • Simon Harding, video
  • Yuki Nakase, lighting design
  • Carlos Soto, costume design
  • Talvin Wilks, dramaturgy
  • ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann, co-producers
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Adams Conducts on Noon to Midnight

Our renowned Creative Chair excites with four astounding world premieres.

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    • Freya WALEY-COHEN

    Changeling (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

    • Donnacha DENNEHY

    Overcasting (world premiere, LA Phil commission)

    • Jeffrey MUMFORD

    ...amid still and floating depths (world premiere, LA Phil co-commission)

    • Christopher STARK

    Cascade (world premiere, LA Phil commission with generous support from Pacific Harmony Foundation)


  • John Adams, conductor
  • LA Phil New Music Group
  • Mivos String Quartet