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Charlotte Church

About this Artist

She's young, gifted and Welsh. The sheer talent of 15-year-old soprano CHARLOTTE CHURCH can't fail to blow you away...

Born in Llandaff, Cardiff, Charlotte's loved music ever since she can remember. "When I was three-and-a-half, I sang 'Ghostbusters' with my cousin at a seaside holiday camp in Caernarfon. When we'd finished, she left the stage, but I refused to go, they had to drag me off!"

Five years later and Charlotte was making a name for herself at local karaoke competitions, and then... "I was watching the Richard and Judy show on TV and they said they were looking for talented kids. No-one was around so I phoned up," she says. "The producers said I had to sing down the phone. So I did 'Pie Jesu' and that was it, I was invited on the show. Mum and Dad were the last to find out!"

This led to even more television performances, as well as high profile concerts at the London Palladium, the Royal Albert Hall and Cardiff Arms Park. "It all went a bit mad!" laughs Charlotte.

Despite an extraordinary voice, she's still a regular girl with a taste for pop music; Natalie Imbruglia, the Corrs, Puff Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and Catatonia. But she harbours no pop dreams herself: "I haven't got the right voice. My ambitions is to sing my favourite opera, Madame Butterfly at La Scala in Milan, and get a standing ovation, of course."

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