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John Corigliano


About this Artist

Born: 1938, New York City

"The fact that Bach and Mozart's music was basically conservative, while Berlioz and Beethoven's was radical, is of little importance now. What is important is the quality of these giants' work. What a shame that it often takes death to remove these narrow prejudices of politics."

The son of a well-known violinist, Corigliano studied at Columbia University and worked as a programmer and producer in radio and recording. He writes in an idiom marked by both arching neo-Romantic lyricism and progressive instrumental and compositional techniques. He won Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Composition in 1991 (Symphony No. 1) and 1996 (String Quartet), and his opera The Ghosts of Versailles - commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera - was the Composition of the Year for the International Music Awards in 1992.