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About this Artist

CULTURE featuring Joseph Hill is reggae’s preeminent harmony group. Born in the 1970s’ golden age of reggae, Culture has garnered continual U.S. and international acclaim for its long series of “roots” albums. Culture’s legendary Two Sevens Clash (Shanachie) was named Reggae Album of the Year in 1977 and was acknowledged in 2002 by Rolling Stone magazine among the 50 all-time coolest records – the only reggae album to make the list.

Culture’s music, featuring the shining lead vocals of Joseph Hill, is solidly roots, perfectly executed and delivered with genuine emotional fervor. Joseph Hill’s devotion to the traditional Rastafarian values of purity, simplicity, and justice is exemplified byCulture’slyrical themes.

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and involved with music since early youth, Joseph Hill began his professional recording career in 1972 with the single "Behold the Land." By 1976 Hill and his cousin Albert Walker had formed a trio. Hill performed solo and recorded several projects during the early ‘80s; he and Albert subsequently reunited and have since produced a long series of critically acclaimed recordings. Culture’s albums include such genre-defining albums as Nuff Crisis, Cumbolo, and Wings of a Dove.

Culture’s backing band, Forces of Justice, provides cohesion and energy behind the sweet harmonies of Albert Walker and Telford Nelson and Joseph’s dynamic lead vocals. Culture’s most recent releases are Payday(RAS 2001), Humble African (VP, 2001), and Live in Africa (RAS, 2002). World Peace (Heartbeat/Rounder, 2003) is Culture’s 30th album.