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Bruce Davison

About this Artist

BRUCE DAVISON (Morino) is a highly respected actor who has received major awards and nominations for his work on the stage and screen since his auspicious debut in Frank Perry's disturbing coming-of-age tale Last Summer in 1969. Since then, Davison has become known for taking on difficult roles, and he specializes in sensitive, idealistic and offbeat characters. Davison was born in the Philadelphia area, and attended Penn State and N.Y.U.'s School of the Arts. Over the course of his theatrical career, he has been awarded three Dramalogue Awards, one of which he earned for his portrayal of John Merrick in the Broadway version of The Elephant Man. He received an Oscar nomination in 1990 for his poignant portrayal of a man who loses his life to AIDS in Longtime Companion. He also did particularly notable work in Robert Altman's Short Cuts (1993), which cast him as the father of a gravely ill boy.