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Sanjay Divecha

About this Artist

Sanjay Divecha’s entire history has seen him pursue a vision of world community as expressed through music, which is in perfect accord with the implicit principles of CrossCurrents. Born in Mumbai, he began his formal musical studies with five years of traditional sitar. At the same time, he was listening to Western folk, blues, jazz, and rock, and eventually settled on the guitar as his primary instrument. Largely self-taught, he decided to expand his horizons and study in the U.S., and in 1987 he landed at the Guitar Institute of Technology (later renamed Musicians Institute) in Los Angeles, where he worked with Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, and Robben Ford. During his 15 years in Los Angeles, he recorded and toured with the likes of Angelique Kidjo and Carlos Santana, among many others. He returned to India in 2003, seeking to reconnect with his cultural roots and absorb Indian folk music from both North (Hindustani) and South (Carnatic) traditions. His album Full Circle, released in 2008, captures that journey.