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Shane Henry

About this Artist

With his precocious, broken baritone and muscular guitar histrionics, you might be inclined to think that the Twin Cities' SHANE HENRY is some sort of whiz kid. And you'd be right - mostly. At just 19 years of age, this singer/songwriter/guitarist is obviously poised to be one of the next great blues/rock sensations.

But while some prodigies are born, Shane's virtuosity has been self-made. He comes across strongly as a rough-and-tumble troubadour, a teenage workhorse who's spent his formative years touring roadhouses of the American South. Most appealing is the fact that - having paid his dues early on - Shane has found his voice years before hordes of other young acts. A well-grounded young man of intensity and enthusiasm, Shane possesses a clear idea of who he is and what he wants to accomplish as an artist. As a result, he's already asserting himself as a bold stylist, fusing Texas-style blues swagger with a classic rock & soul vibe.

Shane grew up in the small Oklahoma town of Verden (population 600). At a relatively late 15 years of age, he underwent a life-changing experience when his father brought him to a B.B. King show. He immediately ran out to buy an electric guitar, and began soaking up the sounds of Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, and Johnny Winter - legends for whom he still professes a great love. By 16, he had released his own full-length blues album.

Soon thereafter, the fates intervened. Shane met Minneapolis songwriter Kevin Bowe, who immediately heard something special in Shane's voice. A few short weeks later, Henry was on a plane to Minneapolis, where he and Bowe began penning songs together and cutting demos at Bowe's studio. The results are nothing short of spectacular, as Southern blues guitar grit meets timeless rock structures, with an expressive vocal approach reminiscent of George Clinton and Stevie Wonder.

Shane is now signed with Blue Sky Artists, and has recently relocated to Minneapolis, where he has surrounded himself with a new band of outstanding players. They are performing regularly and building a solid fan base. And while he's a bit homesick for the wide-open spaces of Oklahoma, he is thrilled to be making his mark on the Twin Cities' vibrant music scene. For Shane, it's all just part of an honest day's work.