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Ellis Hooks

About this Artist

ELLIS HOOKS was born 29 years ago in Mobile, Alabama to a full Cherokee mother and a father of African-American descent. The third youngest of 16 children, he didn't have a pair of shoes until he was eight, and didn't know the meaning of fun. His Baptist family had nothing but disdain for blues and rock music, so when the young Ellis heard the radio and lost interest in leading the church choir he was thrown out of his household at age 14.

Hitch-hiking his way across the United States, he finally landed in New York four years later after learning a variety of odd jobs. Ellis travelled the world singing in public places, living for awhile in Paris and Amsterdam, but eventually settled back in New York when he was 25. He tried putting bands together, but never found the right people to play with him. Then, quite by accident, a female friend of his dragged him along to meet with producer Jon Tiven, who had produced Wilson Pickett's comeback album It's Harder Now, which won three W.C. Handy Awards and was nominated for a Grammy. Tiven liked what he heard and over the next six months worked with Ellis to produce his debut album undeniable.

So what do we have here? Definitely a voice full of soul, a soundtrack to a period in the life of Ellis Hooks; some hurt, but also joys. All of the music on undeniable has the indelible stamp of a totally unique vocalist/songwriter the likes of which doesn't come around too often. Ellis embodies all of the finest aspects of Southern musical traditions and shows his roots like a lazy bottled blonde. Otis and Sam are his idols, and he's proud of it... but most important he is himself, 100% Ellis.